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Students and  Volunteers from Facebook collaborate on a  underwater robot.

Volunteering in GJPS Schools

We Love Our Volunteers

To increase safety and security protocols, all GJPS volunteers who may  interact with students in an unsupervised setting or may have access to confidential information will be required to complete an online application that includes a background check. The district will provide the background checks at no cost to the volunteer.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Cafeteria helpers
Reading aides
Hall monitors
Field day volunteers
Library helpers
Office helpers

Small group tutors
Individual student tutors
Party helpers
Concession workers
Fundraising volunteers
Book fair volunteers
Mobile dentist volunteers

Steps to Volunteer

  1. Contact your principal or teacher to express an interest in volunteering.
  2. Your principal or teacher will send you the link to the Online Volunteer Application and background check.
  3. Complete the Online Volunteer Application and Background Check at least 5 days before your initial volunteer experience.
  4. Renew your Volunteer Application and Background Check yearly from the date of issuance.
GLHS Underwater Robotics Class with Volunteers from Facebook

Volunteers are required to abide by all Board policies and district guidelines while on duty as a volunteer.  This includes maintaining confidentiality of any student’s personally identifiable information to which they are exposed except as authorized by law. Volunteers will be covered under the district’s general liability policy, but the district cannot provide any type of health insurance to cover illness or accident incurred while serving as a volunteer, nor is the person eligible for workers’ compensation.