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DECA Students holding a trophy.
Three girls playing on a playground at Jefferson Elementary

The Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education requires all students to attend school regularly in accordance with board policy and the laws of the State of Ohio. The educational program offered by the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District is predicated upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. 

Pursuant to House Bill 410, student attendance is now calculated in hours. This includes absences that have been identified as both excused and unexcused by the school, as well as planned absences.

In an effort to encourage regular, on-time attendance and avoid habitual truancy, families are encouraged to:

  • Make getting to school on time every day a high priority.

  • Discuss the importance of regular school attendance and the negative impacts of excessive absences.

  • Create a safe space for students to discuss what is keeping them from school.

  • Develop a backup plan for getting your student to school when transportation challenges, illness, or other challenges arise.

  • Schedule vacations during a time when school is not in session.

  • Monitor your student’s attendance records to identify any disruptions or patterns of change.

  • Contact your student’s school to discuss preventative services and supports available to promote regular attendance.

Report Student Absence

To report a student absence, please call the number below for each school.

GJPS Preschool
(614) 269-4780

Blacklick Elementary
(614) 759-5100

Chapelfield Elementary
(614) 478-5575

Goshen Lane Elementary
(614) 478-5580

High Point Elementary
(614) 478-5545

Jefferson Elementary
(614) 478-5560

Lincoln Elementary
(614) 478-5555

Royal Manor Elementary
(614) 478-5585

Middle School East
(614) 478-5550

Middle School South
(614) 337-3730

Middle School West
(614) 478-5570

Gahanna Lincoln High School
(614) 478-5515